Sunday, 19 August 2012

Millwall 0-2 Blackpool - Match Report Word Cloud

Taking inspiration from the wonderful Spirit Of Mirko website, which has created a series of posts using word clouds including one for Championship sides in 2011/12, I've decided to present data in this way for each match this season - or as often as possible, anyway. Spirit Of Mirko constructed word clouds for each club using the text from BBC match reports. For those unfamiliar with word clouds, it is a method of presenting words from a passage of text based on the frequency.

In addition to using BBC match reports, I've also opted to include the report from Blackpool's official website in order to provide a little more 'Pool weighting. In terms of its usefulness, one way in which the word clouds can be used is to spot which players were in the thick of the action, and who amongst them failed to catch the eye. Another reason for using word clouds is that I think they look pretty damn cool. OK, the main reason for using words clouds is that I think they look pretty damn cool...

Below is the word cloud from yesterday's match at The Den. It has been created using

Click to enlarge

Unsurprisingly the name Ince jumps out for his match-winning two-goal performance. Phillips is also prominent, with Kevin having led the line, while his namesake Matt was the subject of transfer talk. Of the other Blackpool players, Isiah Osbourne's name received a fair few mentions on an excellent debut.

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