Friday, 26 July 2013


So...the blog has reached the end of the road. There, I've said it.

I read an interesting article lately about the average lifespan of a blog, which seemed to suggest around three years is standard. Founding this blog in August 2010, I may have fallen just short of the three year mark, although it certainly feels a lot longer than that given what has happened at Bloomfield Road in that timespan.

In that time I've written 139 posts (and another 20 which never made it to publication), with varying degrees of quality it must be said. The early days in particular were littered with posts that really ought to have been long since deleted and consigned to the recycle bin, but I'm also happy to say there were moments when I derived some pride from what was written in these pages.

The hours (and I mean hours and hours) of research that went into writing about Blackpool's use of the long diagonal in the Premier League was kindly received, and to date remains the most-read thing I've ever written. I'm also immensely proud of the work I've produced on the financial side of the club - a topic which the local media have shamefully glossed over.

These posts will remain here for the time being, but in terms of new content, this blog has run its course. Maintaining a blog by oneself is a time-consuming hobby, and at times can certainly feel like a slog. Indeed, I'm sure it won't have gone unnoticed that posts in the second half of each season tend to drop off as the toils of blogging week-to-week with precious little spare time begin to show.

I would like to thank those who have read the blog in recent seasons, those who've commented, spread word of mouth, re-tweeted my endless plugs and hell, even the critics. Without an audience the blog would have died much sooner, and it is humbling to have had such excellent support.

So the blog may be over, but don't think of it as the end. Think of it as progress. Measured progress, perhaps.

Thank you.